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CD/DVD Duplication

Duplication & Printing
This is where we process your orders for CD-R & DVD-R Duplicating and CD & DVD Pressing.

Here we can provide you with:
CD-R Duplication & Printing
CD-R Reference Copies
CD-R Printing including Booklet & Inlay Card
CD-R Archiving
DAT Copying
DAT Safety Dubs
Sample Rate and Bit Rate Conversions
1/4" & 1/2" Analog copies
in fact - any audio copies, editing or transfers you need!
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We can also provide transfers to and from the following formats:
1/4" 2-track Analog
1/2" 2-track Analog
1/2" 4-track Analog
2" 24-track Analog
Exabyte DDP Format
PCM 501 (Beta or VHS)
LP's - 331/3, 45rpm (Transfers from)
Old 78rpm Records (Transfers from)