Terms and Conditions

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To Secure a booking:
A deposit of 50% is required. The balance of the estimated studio time booked is paid at the start of the session.

Any extra time used is paid for at the completion of the session, and must be paid in full before any tapes or digital media are released to the client.

If a cancellation is made with 48 hours notice or more, the deposit will be refunded. If the notice given is less than 48 hours, the deposit is not refunded.

More Information:
Clients are encouraged to bring their own hard drives, as this makes it easy for the client to take their recording with them at the end of the session.

As hard drives are not an infallible storage medium, at the end of each session the recorded material is backed up to a second hard drive. This is a temporary safety measure for the duration of the session, and may need to be removed at the end of the booking.

If data needs to be copied to another set of hard drives or another medium, a corresponding additional charge will apply. Drives must be cleared within 8 weeks of completion of the session, so further transfer charges may apply.

Once the session recordings are finished with, they can be backed up to Exabyte tape or another medium for long term storage. This is done at the client's request and will incur a fee plus the cost of stock. Alternatively transfer can be made to the client's own hard drive at the same service rate.

It should be clearly understood that once paid for, the recording belongs to the client and it is their responsibility to ensure their safety. The studio accepts no liability for any accidental loss.

Piano tuning:
The studio has a Bosendorfer grand piano which is available free of charge for use in recording. This piano is tuned by the studio tuner, Mr Terry Gilchrist, who looks after the pianos for the TQO, QPAC and the Conservatorium. The cost of piano tuning will be passed on to the client.

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