Tracking Room

tracking room
Our main studio is a large, versatile room which can be used for groups of up to thirty-five (35) musicians, or sectioned with baffles to provide spaces for individual instruments or voices.

The room houses a Bosendorfer grand piano with its superlative tone.

The acoustic treatment of the high walls enables a variety of sonic solutions for recording, and the art adorning the walls provides a space in which your creative juices start to flow.

Within this spacious room, there is easy visibility between performers and engineer/producer, whatever the configuration of the group. Here is unparalleled flexibility to meet your every need.

The variable acoustics in this spacious work area allow our in-house and freelance engineers to create good separation between instruments for rock, jazz, or other group recordings as required.

Grevillea Studios Tracking Room is one of the largest studio areas in Queensland. The studio is equipped with video and timecode feeds, for the recording of underscore, foley, Sound Effects and ADR.

The studio has a wide range of microphones available for all styles of recording.

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