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Grevillea Studios has more than 25 years of experience handling virtually every brand and every formula of source media as well as old 78's, LP's, & 45's. This alone assures the safety of your master.

We are able to transfer the content of unstable media by properly preparing the tape, 78, LP or 45 while retaining the integrity of the master.

Restoration Services include:

Restoration and digitising of audio content
Transfer or conversion to CD, DVD or other digital formats
Most current and past formats, including 78's, LP's, 45's and tape formats (reel-to-reel/audio cassette)
Vinyl Record - de-click and de-crackle
Audio Tape - de-noise & distortion reduction
Mini & Micro-Cassette - audio enhancement
Digital Audio Master Tape - interpolation & removal of distortion and drop-outs
Complex filtering & de-noising for specialist applications

What kinds of noises can be removed or decreased?

Vinyl hiss
Cylinder noise
Tape hiss
Static noise
Motor or A/C noise
Constant pitched noises
Clicks or ticks
Correct the pitch or the speed of a recording
Remove excessive low or high frequencies
Remove the RIAA phono curve and/or use alternative curves
Create high frequencies using the mid-range frequencies with the use of an "Exciter"
Give recordings a sweeter, tube-amplifier sound
Give recordings a harsher, digital sound